Claim your free Curious Credentials NFT!

The reputation you earn on Curious shouldn't just stay on here - in true Web3 fashion, it should be openly accessible as an NFT credential permanently recorded on the blockchain.

We at Curious envision a future where all your actions across Web3 can easily be aggregated on-chain through 'soulbound', or non-transferrable, NFTs that act as credentials or even resumes.

As the first step towards this vision, we'd love to gift you the first non-transferrable NFT that shows your reputation and your contributions to spreading Web3 expertise and knowledge to the world.

We deeply appreciate you making a contribution to this Web3 knowledge base that will help onboard the next billion people to Web3.

Who is eligible to receive this NFT?

Anyone who has asked or answered more than 5 questions and has at least 5 upvotes on their questions and answers can claim this NFT entirely for free! Please check below to see if you are eligible or not.

Are you eligible?

Sorry - you are not eligible just yet. You will be eligible after asking or answering 5 questions and receiving at least 5 upvotes!